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For the steel industry, equipment has to deal with particularly harsh operating and commercial
conditions. This takes it toll on the equipment and operators, the resulting metal fatigue could
result in fracture or breakage of the parent metal.

A characteristic of this industry is that any stoppages cannot be tolerated, due to the high
cost of loss of production. It is with this in mind that MIA members are skilled in the use of the onsite
Metalock process for steel processing. Repairs are generally difficult, due to the nature of the working
conditions and the size and design of the plant, but not for Metalock.

The Metalock onsite process allows for the immediate diagnosis of the damage, and many of the repairs
can be carried out with little or no dismantling. Where the downtime is expected to be weeks, a Metalock
repair can bring operations be back in hoursor days, especially when using other members technicians to
speed up the repair.

In addition to speed of repair, in many instances equipment can be repaired in stages to allow for
production to continue during the repair procedure.

Our members have been working in steel manufacture for decades, and have built up
solid engineering relationships with customers based on our excellent turn-around capabilities and
understanding the needs of the customer.

Some of the repairs our members carry out include:

Blast furnace gear boxes
Cold rolling mills converters
Hot rolling mills coal mills
Coilers driving shafts
Finishing stands pre-stands
Tuyere cooler holders
Roller tables base plates
Mill housing window
Roughing mill, stand & teeming ladle
Beam straightener
Screwdown capsules
Housings for roll bending / Shifting Units

Just call your nearest Metalock member
for a site visit and advice:

CASE STUDY – 2 ton Gearbox of rolling mill rotary polisher

The 2 ton gearbox of a rotary polisher used in a rolling mill in Warsaw had suffered serious damage to its bearing housings and slideways. The specifications and drawings of the original polisher manufactured in 1907 were unavailable so the only way to extend its working life was to carry out repairs according to drawings prepared by Centromor S.A., our Metalock member in Poland.
Employing two welders and two Metalock operators the four heavily damaged bearing houses were cut out and replaced by steel inserts, Metalocked into position and drilled on a boring machine. The reconditioning of the machine was successfully completed in eight days. – Metalock member, Poland

CASE STUDY – Cast iron press roll, bearing rim replacement

Metalock stitching and machining saves Press Roll

The combination of the Metalock repair method and machine shop facilities is exemplified in the repair of this cast iron press roll. One of the hubs of this heavy roll measuring 3075mm x 550mm diameter was severely cracked in several places due to the hub working loose.

The extent of the damage required the bearing rim to be replaced. A replacement ring was machined in Metalock’s machine shop and secured to the roll by the Metalock process.

After final machining the roll was ready for its unconditional guarantee and a new lease of life.
Metalock member, Portugal


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