Process Industry

Process Industry

Food – Cement – Plastic Mineral processing onsite Metalock Repairs

Uninterrupted operations is our goal

The Process industry contains a wide scope of different types of continuous production. One common characteristic of them all is the continuous nature of operations, and the inter-dependability each part has with each other.

Stoppages due to equipment failure cause significant output loss, and cannot be tolerated in todays modern engineering environment. It is with this in mind that MIA members are skilled in the use of the Metalock onsite process for the rapid repair of process equipment.

The Metalock onsite process allows for the immediate diagnosis of the damage, where many of the repairs can be carried out with little or no dismantling. Where the downtime is expected to be weeks, a Metalock repair can bring operations be back in hours or days, especially when using other members technicians to speed up the repair.

In addition to speed of repair, in many instances equipment can be repaired in stages to allow for production to continue during the repair procedure.

Our members have been working in process engineering for decades, and have built up solid relationships with customers based on our excellent turn-around capabilities and understanding the needs of the customer.

Some of the repairs our members carry out include:

All types of power presses
Tire and kiln-support roller
Bearing housings
Dump trucks
Gear boxes
Machinery Bedplates / frames
Mill ends
Mixers / agitators
Process lines
Pulp presses
Steam Valves
Girth wheel and crusher gear tooth replacement
Welding repairs to kiln tires, support rollers and associated plant

Just call your nearest Metalock member
for a site visit and advice:

CASE STUDY – Axor pasta extruder

Axor Head Cast pasta extruder press badly fractured.

CASE STUDY – Continuous casting press, cylinder repair

 A sugar mill in Queensland, Australia was one week away from the commencement of the crushing season, when mill engineers checking steam lines discovered damage to a pump. This was a Terry Turbine Pump manufactured by Dresser Rand which was fitted to the exhaust side of the main turbine and operated on 190 – 2OO psi steam pressure.
Urgent action was vital, and after a four hour drive  to the sugar mill Metalock Queensland surveyed the damage. The pump was immediately dismantled and trucked to the workshop where the repairs were effected.
It was soon on its way back to the mill, which was able to commence its crushing season on time. This repair was carried out five years ago and the pump is still operating satisfactorily today. – MIA member in Australia


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