Crankpin & Main Journal Machining

Crankpin & Main Journal Machining

Where there is a damaged or failed bearing there is almost always a damaged crankshaft.

Bearings can be re-ordered but sometimes it’s not always as easy or practical to replace the crankshaft. It could mean stripping out a complete engine just to remove the crankshaft. Combine this with the loss  in production or taking a ship out of service, expensive transportation, repair costs
and then the re-installation.

It all adds up!

Members of the Metalock International Association can help reduce all those costs.

Consider an in-situ repair that is cost effective, precise, quick and reduces  expensive downtime.

During these repairs the crankshaft remains immobile and the onsite machining tool rotates around the crankshaft giving the same tolerances that can be achieved in a Machine Shop.


Machining of Radii/fillets

Step 1: 

Rectification of radii/fillets is needed to ensure alignment of the journal surface.

Machining of Journal

Step 2:

Rough machining using orbital lathe running in the machined radii/fillets..

Rough Machining Complete

Step 3:

Rough machining completed. The journal is free of hardness and heat cracks.

Superfinish (Honing)

Step 4:

Honing to restore surface condition.

Hand Dressing & Bluemarking by Test Shell

Step 5:

Hand dressing and blue marking to ensure right geometry and contact surface (minimum 70% contact surface according to MAN specification).

After Final Polish

Step 6:

The journal is back to original condition. Customized bearings are installed for unrestricted operation of the engine.

All photographs have been supplied by
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