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Benefits of Membership of M.I.A.

You will be part of a network of worldwide association of similar organisations to yourself.

The Member is free to practice the Metalock Process in the area designated and licensed to him by M.I.A. as the official Member for the territory. You will be the only company supplied with the approved material and process according to classification requests.

All Metalock licenses are simultaneously renewable every five years without any further charge subject to the territory being developed and worked to the satisfaction of the Council of Management of M.I.A.

You will be able to work together with other members when you need additional resources and methods you do not have. This could increase the scope of the contracts you are able to bid for in your country. Members support each other, and you can develop lasting relationships with like-minded engineering people.

Whilst retaining your national individuality, you will be able to approach your customers with the technical strength of a mature worldwide association.

The Member always has access to technical information on the Metalock Process that has been compiled since the formation of M.I.A. in the year 1953.

Only the Member has exclusive access to purchase and use the Metalock Keys MN211 (5 sizes) including the Metaloy Studs (4 sizes), these are unique to the Metalock International Association, who have led the field in cold repairs and has been achieved through constant research. The Member has unique access to research, tried and tested approved materials and tooling to undertake the complete Metalock stitching repair.

You will have direct access to MIA updated technical documentation as the “Manual” that has been used to develop technicians since 1953. This can form the mainstay of the rapid development of your skill set.

You will have member access to the combined experience of technicians and engineers who have expertise of a multitude of complex and unusual jobs. Allowing your technicians to develop their expertise rapidly.
The Metalock International News is in English and Spanish and is published every year, highlighting recent repairs from around the world. Each Member Company is entitled to a free allocation of the News. It provides a free marketing tool for all members who can submit their own stories and pictures of their repairs.

The Metalock International News is in English and Spanish, in an electronic format that contains recent repairs from around the world, including other relevant items. Members can download them and take copies or print their own Newsletter. It provides a free marketing tool for all members who can submit their own stories and pictures of their repairs

M.I.A. organizes an International Conference every year in a different member country. Each Member Company is entitled to send up to 2 delegates plus partner, subject to membership category, to this Conference and M.I.A. pays the on-ground expenses. The Member Company merely pays the fares to and from the Conference. The Conference is normally a four-day affair and provides the opportunity for discussions, exchanges of views, solutions of technical problems. The Member can have unique network with the like-minded Members.

The Metalock International Association is run on democratic lines. First, it is a Company limited by guarantee and as such is a non-profit making organisation. It has an elected President, Vice President and two Councillors. These four persons form the Council of Management which is responsible for forming M.I.A. policies which are administered and carried out by the Association based in the United Kingdom.

M.I.A. is the perfect liaison between Metalock Company and customer should there be any difference of opinion over quality of work, cost of work etc. These cases rarely arise but we cannot recall one that was not settled to the satisfaction of all concerned. The Member endeavours to carry out Metalock Repairs according to the Association Guidelines.

The name Metalock, through its quality and reliable service practice, has gained an unrivalled reputation in the market. MIA continually strives to maintain that reputation. As a member you can share that reputation.
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